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Bottom line, I LOVE working out in Frankie's Group Fitness class!  This is coming from someone who had the same trainer for 7 years with no complaints!  After relocating to NC, I started training with Frankie and afterwards looked no further!  Frankie is not only a great motivator but his workouts are extremely challenging and FUN!!! Not your typical "gym" workout or typical results.  I also know I'll see the results and enjoy it!  I like training with him so much that I left my old gym and followed him to TFTC!!

-Brandy W

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Women's Only Fitness Bootcamp

Womens Only Fitness Bootcamp


Third Level FitnessWhy Our Women's Only Fitness Bootcamp Program is For You?

  • It's about reaching your goal! - This program is not based on a building full of confusing and utterly useless machines. It is about a specific fitness experience centered around your goals!
  • Individualized nutritional planning - Nutrition is often the missing link between you and your goals. We realize this and will build a plan for you complete with recipes, goals, and a multi-step body redefining program!
  • Small group settings - This is not a large group exercise program! You will schedule your exercise days and times to ensure accountability and progress. We will group individuals with similar goals and levels together in class sizes no larger than 12 individuals!
  • Personal attention at a fraction of personal training fees - Goals setting, Goal tracking, Evolving Nutritional Program, Injury prevention, varied exercise routines, and maximizing your metabolism in and out of the gym! 

What is Our Bootcamp Fitness Program Based On?


We offer individually tailored exercise and nutritional instruction based on maximum calorie-metabolic optimization and Full-Body Interval Based Routines that:

  • Varied functional-based workouts that ALWAYS include a flexibility,
    cardiovascular, and resistance element
  • ALWAYS access and use large muscle groups to maximize calorie
    expenditure in and out of the gym!
  • ALWAYS keeps you moving, engaged, and motivated
  • ALWAYS keeps time flying with varying workouts...
    ALWAYS different from the last day, week, and month

Other smaller fitness "cross-fit" style gyms try to standardize exercise routines, reps, sets, weights, lifts, and times to accomplish no-matter the level or strengths and weaknesses. They focus on making you exercise, but not maximizing your goals though your exercise! Our goal is to push your limits correctly to achieve maximum results while avoiding injury.


Why not give our Women's Only Fitness Bootcamp program a try?


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