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Neal Weaver 

Neal's many years in the martial arts began in 1992 when he started training at the dojo of Shorin Ryu Godan and former US PKA kickboxing champion Vernon Mason. For the next few years he searched for a martial arts program that felt right for him, and in 1994 this lead to his first personal exposure to grappling training - where they taught submission holds and a system that seemed very practical.


In 1997, while training Kempo at the notorious "Train Depot" dojo under Rick Bunn in Garner, North Carolina, he received a call from a friend about a new Brazilian Jiujitsu course and instructor in Virginia beach. Every weekend for the next two years he made the 7 hour round trip journey to train in Brazilian Jiujitsu all weekend, while training both Kempo and Dutch style Muay Thai with Scott Francis during the week. Although it was time consuming, but rewarding, and he finally found what he felt was"right" for him. Then in 2000, a great savior to time, mileage and gas consumption in the name of Geoff Balme came to North Carolina from Boston, and Neal was able to train consistently a great deal closer to home.


Now 9 MMA fights and thousands of hours training later, Neal directs the TFTC Academy with the goals of making each life that walks in the door a better one, and honoring the constant pursuit of of technical excellence in both the striking and grappling arts.


Geoff Balme

Geoff Balme has been an avid martial arts enthusiast since the late 70's. With black belts in Judo and American Jiu-jitsu, he participated in an early 90's Rickson Gracie seminar in Watertown, Ma., and became a student of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu thereafter. Starting lessons with Craig Kukuk (the first American Gracie JJ Black Belt) in Redbank, NJ, and then moving over to his long time instructor and friend Gracie Barra Black Belt Roberto Maia in Boston, from whom he earned his Black Belt in 2008. 



John Knight 

John achieved his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and is an accomplished kickboxing coach. He is also a sheriff's deputy and has a great deal of experience in police tactics for restraint and arrest.  


Chad Boykin

Chad Boykin coaches kickboxing classes and has nearly 15 years of experience teaching Thai and European style kickboxing. Boykin began training at The Academy of Muay Thai Kickboxing in 1993 under Scott Francis and became an instructor in 1997.


In 1998, as a competitive fighter Boykin won a middleweight tough-man boxing championship with four consecutive knockout wins, and later that same year also won a North Carolina Academy of Kickboxing amateur kickboxing middleweight title.


Boykin authored a kickboxing and training book Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide to Training, Conditioning, and Fighting, which was published in 2002 by Paladin Press. He continues publishing training articles in Martial Arts Presents: Muay Thai, Diabetes Forecast, and Inside Kung-Fu, and has had a regular fitness and training column in Diabetes Positive from January 2005 - September 2007.

Frankie Alt

Frankie Alt

Strength & Conditioning Coach


For the last decade, Frankie has professionally trained people in the sciences of fitness in several high profile gyms in the triangle area, including four years at Gold's Gym in North Raleigh. Upon discharge from the armed services, Frankie achieved his B.S. in Physical Education from East Carolina University, became a certified Kettle Bell instructor (HKC) studying with Pavel Tstsouline, and also an accredited Personal Trainer (AFAA). Frankie's personal attention and personable demeanor have also made him a favorite in the mixed martial arts classes.


Frankie will be instructing strength and conditioning, as well as boot camp courses at TFTC Academy.